If you’re hurt or become ill on the job and need rehabilitation, Bezak Chiropractic in Greenbelt, MD, can help. An experienced worker's comp doctor, such as Dr. Shaun Bezak, Dr. Brian Bezak, or Dr. Kelly Krol, can treat root causes to improve the quality of your life.

Work-related injuries come with serious consequences including sprains, shoulder pain, neck pain, and back pain. Whether you’ve experienced a slip and fall, a crush injury, or you’ve been in an auto accident, we can help you recover and regain as much mobility as possible. We also help with pain management during recovery.

Treatments we use for worker's comp injuries include stretching and range of motion exercises. These exercises improve joint function, resulting in better flexibility and balance. Similarly, joint mobilization and manipulation techniques improve your range of motion and reduce pain. We focus on treatments to counteract the negative consequences of specific injuries.

We also leverage physiotherapy modalities to help treat your injuries. This includes electric muscle stimulation, traction, trigger point therapy, and moist heat, among other techniques. Our doctors work closely with you to identify the optimal combination of treatments to help you recover from your worker's comp injuries as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We specialize in treating soft tissue injuries resulting from car accidents including strains, sprains, and whiplash. Our mission is to provide patients with high-quality services that relieve pain, helping you achieve your highest potential for health.

Worker's comp injuries can take time to heal, but with the right medical care, you can improve your health and return to work ready to perform at your optimum. We are dedicated to serving you and helping you work through physical setbacks to achieve your goals.  

To learn more about Bezak Chiropractic in Greenbelt, MD, please contact us at 301-220-0496. Finding the right worker's comp doctor can make all the difference to your recovery. Dr. Shaun Bezak, Dr. Brian Bezak, and Dr. Kelly Krol are ready to assist you.

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